Fujitsu MAW3300NC 300Gb SCA 80PIN 10K U320 SCSI Hard Disk

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Build and deploy storage systems that offer significant capacity and cost-effective performance.

  • Enterprise hard disk drives offer 10K RPM spindle speed and feature storage capacities of 73, 147 and 300GB(1).
  • Includes 8MB data buffer for optimizing the overall drive performance.
  • Fujitsu Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) technology embedded on all models assures remarkably quiet operation.
  • Ultra320 SCSI and 2Gbps Fibre Channel interfaces.
  • Latest generation of 3.5-inch hard disk drives are RoHS compliant



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Fujitsu MAW33000NC 300Gb SCA 80PIN 10K U320 SCSI Hard Disk


* Large capacity: Massive capacity has been achieved through the development of head, media, signal processing technology, servo technology*1 as an element technology allowing up to to 11Gb/cm2 (75Gb/in 2) high density and up to 75GB*2 per disk, 300GB*2 per drive (4 disks) high capacity. * High Performance: Read Ahead Cache *3 and Write Reordering Cache *4 enable the drives to execute read and write operation in high speed. * High Reliability: On the fly ECC (Error Correction Code) and S.M.A.R.T *5 function enable the drives to improve the data reliability. * Silence: FDB spindle motor is incorporated for silent operation This drive has the exact same capacity (down to the last byte) as the Seagate ST330000LC and thus would serve as a perfect RAID replacement for the ST330000LC. Compatibility This drive is comparable to and compatible as a replacement to the ST3300007LC, MAT3300NC, 8J300J0, 8D300J0 Specifications Model MAW3073 NC/NP/FC MAW3147 NC/NP/FC MAW3300 NC/NP/FC Functional Specifications Storage Capacity (formatted)(1) 73.5 GB 147.0 GB 300.0 GB Disks 1 3 4 Heads (read/write) 2 5 8 Guaranteed Seectors 585,937,500 Bytes/Sector 512 Total Bytes Per Drive 300,000,000,000 Seek Time Track to track Read: 0.2 ms (typ) / Write: 0.4 ms (typ) Average Read: 4.5 ms (typ) / Write: 5.0 ms (typ) Full track Read: 10.0 ms (typ) / Write: 11.0 ms (typ) Average Latency 2.99 ms Rotational Speed 10,025 RPM Areal Density 60-75 Gbits/sq. in. Data Transfer Rate To/from media 132 MB/s To/from host SCSI: 320 MB/s, FC: 2 Gb/s Recording Code 32/34 MEEPRML Interface SCA-2 80Pin (NC Series), 68Pin Wide (NP Series), SCA-2 40Pin (FC Series) Head Positioning Method Rotary VCM Start Time 30 s (typ) Stop Time 30 s (typ) Buffer Size 8 MB Physical Specifications Power Requirements Voltage 5 V ± 5%, 12 V ± 5% Spin-up 12V ± 5% @ 2.5A (peak) 3.0 A (peak < 100 us) 5V ± 5% @ 0.7A Idle (typ.) SCSI 9.5 W FC 10.5 W Dimensions (HxWxD) 25.4mm x 101.6mm x 146.0mm Weight 750g Ambient Temperature Operating 5°C to 55°C (DE base 60°C max) Non-operating -40°C to 70°C Gradient 15°C/H max Relative Humidity Operating 5% to 95% (non-condensing) Non-operating 5% to 95% (non-condensing) Max. wet bulb 29°C (operating) Vibration Operating 0.6 mm (5 to 20 Hz) / 1.0 G (20 to 300 Hz) Non-operating 3.1 mm (5 to 20 Hz) / 5.0 G (20 to 300 Hz) Shock Operating 65 G max. (2 ms) Non-operating 225 G max. (2 ms) Altitude (operation) Operating 3,048 m (max.) Non-operating 12,192 m (max.) Acoustics Noise (idle sound power) (typ.) </= 3.4 bels (ready) Reliability Specifications MTBF 1,200,000 hours Component Life 5 years Error Rates Seek errors 10 per 108 seeks Unrecoverable errors 1 per 1015 bits read