Eizo ColorEdge Displays

Eizo’s ColorEdge range of displays are designed for entry level to professional creators, with a wide range of advanced features to meet your demands. The range is split in to CG, CX and CS models, available in sizes from 23 to 27”.

The three levels of ColorEdge monitors are designed for different quality requirements of end users and provide differing features and specs. At the top end are the CG models (CG277, CG247) and are most suited to the most defined and fastidious creative work, for example top fashion and product, grading and fine art including exacting standards of black and white exhibition photograph.

The CX range (CX271, CX241) are solid commercial colour managed monitors, ideal for the majority of professional photography, broadcast television and print production.

Finally the CS range (CS230, CS240) are primarily bridging the amateur to professional transition, often described as Prosumer.

The advanced features of the ColorEdge range are explained below.

Key ColorEdge Features

Colour Accuracy and Hardware CalibrationYou spend a lot of time and effort perfecting your work and getting it looking right, but often the output doesn’t have the same tone or colour you had expected. Colours don’t match, tones are affected, and some of the finer details get lost in the contrast. This is because the monitor you are using is affecting the way your work appears and is not always accurate to your other devices and expectations. Thankfully there is a solution to this problem, and the Eizo ColorEdge monitors are designed for you. 


All of the Eizo ColorEdge range of displays offer support for hardware calibration allowing for high levels of user control and configuration of your display. This allows you to achieve excellent image accuracy and matching between your devices. No matter what your usage is, whether you are an artist, architect, animator, designer, photographer, printer or scientist for example, you need reliable and accurate images from your display. You want to be able to see the image as it is intended to be seen, allowing you to maintain your reputation, or simply for your own enjoyment. The image you are producing needs to convey your own personal message as an artist, and this can’t happen unless the image you are viewing and working on is accurate.


Eizo’s ColorNavigator software allows you to control all aspects of the monitor setup. You may want to calibrate your display to match your other devices, which is important as it can dictate how the image will appear on your cameras, printers and scanners. If you’re a photographer, you can have confidence that images match between your display and camera without filtering or changes. You can also have confidence that what you see on your display is what your printer will produce in print. 

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  • Built-in Self Calibration Sensor (CG277, CG247) – Included on the CG models, this built-in sensor allows you to automate your calibration. It is housed within the monitor’s bezel and swings round onto the screen only when calibrating. For some users this sensor can eliminate the need for a third-party calibration device and even operates in portrait mode. If you are calibrating multiple displays or different devices (e.g. cameras, printers) then an external device would still be suggested.
  • Built-in Self Correction Sensor  (CX271, CX241, CS230) – Included on the CX models, this slightly more basic sensor measures various aspects of your screen setup (luminance, gamma, white point) and can make basic adjustments to the screen set up automatically. It is not possible to carry out a full calibration of the screen with this Correction Sensor, so an external calibration tool is needed for full calibration. Note: this Self Correction sensor is also included on the CS230, but not the CS240.



  • Wide Colour Gamut – All of the ColorEdge models, with the exception of the CS230, offer wide gamut backlights which allow reliable production of extended colour spaces such as Adobe RGB. If you want to work with wide gamut content or anything outside of the standard sRGB space, a wide gamut backlight is essential.


  • IPS Panel Technology – All of the ColorEdge models feature In Plane Switching (IPS) panel technology, widely regarded as the most suitable for colour critical work and image editing. This technology provides the widest viewing angles and helps maintain a stable and consistent image across the screen. Anti-glare coatings are used on the panels to avoid unwanted reflections.



  • Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) – All the ColorEdge models feature Eizo’s DUE technology, helping maintain stable colour temperature and brightness across the screen area.
  • Factory Calibration – All the ColorEdge range come with Gamma correction in the factory to ensure smooth gradients. The screens are provided with a unique calibration report also.


  • Eizo ColorNavigator - The ColorEdge monitors can be controlled by software and Eizo provides an application ColorNavigator for print and photography (ICC) and ColorNavigator NX for broadcast and movie production (XYZ). There is also a software development kit to allow the integration of colour management into another application, for example Hasselblad Focus software. ColorNavigator communicates with the monitor over USB in addition to the video signal cable. With either version of ColorNavigator the user can specify the target colour space and control the automated features the monitor. The monitors can be controlled over the internet using ColorNavigator NX, allowing an administrator to keep a group of monitors on target.


  • 10-bit support – all ColorEdge monitors offer a 10-bit simultaneous colour display* from a 16-bit look-up table which means it can show more than one billion colours simultaneously. This is 64 times as many colours as you get with 8-bit display which results in even smoother color gradations and reduced Delta-E between two adjacent colours.
    *A graphics board and software which support 10-bit output are also necessary for 10-bit display.


  • EIZO-Developed ASIC at the Core - All ColorEdge models come with an ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) developed by EIZO to meet the needs of the graphics market. The ASIC has its own algorithms used in high-precision colour processing to produce smooth colour tones.


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