Seagate ST373405FC

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Seagate ST373405FC

Seagate continues its lead in Enterprise Storage. Seagate's fifth generation of Cheetah products include the Cheetah 36XL and Cheetah 73LP. This family of 10 000-RPM drives supports capacities from 9.2 to 73.4 Gbytes and seek times as fast as 4.9 ms in a 3.5-inch form-factor for mainstream and high-performance users. Interface options include Ultra160 SCSI and the new 2Gbit/sec Fibre Channel.

More Information
Warranty 1 Year warranty RTB
Category Seagate HardDrive
Sub-Category 10K
Generation Fibre Channel
Part Number ST373405FC
Products ID 456649
Type Hot-Swap Hard Drive
Capacity 73GB
Form Factor 3.5 inch x 1 inch Plug-in Module
Interface FC-AL
Data Transfer Rate 2GB/s
Rotational Speed 10000RPM
Pins 40
Manufacturer Seagate
Pre-Failure Warranty Yes